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Reporting a Crime

If you observe a crime:

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to report all suspicious activities and/or persons observed on campus. Such calls should be made promptly to improve officer ability to apprehend suspects and/or prevent potential crimes. Upon receipt of a call, officers are dispatched immediately to the site of the emergency. All incidents are investigated and a report is filed by the investigating officer. Timely reporting is often the main factor in solving a crime. If you have witnessed a crime on campus or have information concerning a crime on campus, please contact the Police Department.

Non-emergency phone number:

  • 6-2278 (on-campus)
  • 786-2278 (off-campus)

Emergency phone number:

  • 6-2222 or 911 (on-campus)
  • 786-2222 (off-campus)

When Calling the Police Department:

Please stay on the line until the dispatcher disconnects the call. The Lincoln Land Community College dispatch operators are trained to obtain the most accurate and complete information possible.

The dispatcher will need specific information from you such as:

  • What type of incident is it?
  • Where is it occurring?
  • Description of subjects involved?

The identity of any caller is always confidential; however, reporting parties should leave a phone number where they may be reached should further follow-up be needed.

If you observe a crime off-campus, you should contact the Springfield Police at 788-8311, the Sangamon County Sheriff's Department at 753-6880, or 911 in emergencies. If outside of Springfield, please contact The Illinois State Police at 625-2131 or Sangamon County Sheriff's Department at 753-6880.

For More Information:

If you would like to know more about the Police Department at Lincoln Land Community College, or if you wish to report a crime or suspicious activity, you can contact an officer by calling 786-2278, or stop by and see us in Sangamon South.